Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Awesome new maze book by Yonatan Frimer


We got us a new Yonatan Frimer book of mazes to amaze by Tarquin Publication which is somewhere in England. As a neutral party reviewing said book, I would like to first go ahead and congratulate the artist on getting a book out and please don't take anything I say in anything other than constructive criticism

The mazes are really impressive and I guess it is not easy to make them. However, I was able to solve most of them in like less than a minute, and maybe a few of the hard ones took over 5 minutes, but my point is that it was about only an hour and half to do them all and that is basically a quid an hour of entertainment. I think we should see more pages of mazes for that and encourage you to make thicker book in the future.

Also, check out these mazes on a maze blog about sample mazes. SWEEET

maze comics, team of monkeys poping a wheely on a motorcycle
Maze Comic - Team Of Monkeys - The Team Goes on a Motorbike.